Enter The View

11:30 min | 2021 | HD Video | Color | Sound | Loop



Enter The View is a video work based on the artist’s ongoing interest in the crucial role played by language within the formation, creation, alteration and fragmentation of our identity. A parody of the so-called “late-night talk shows,” which are part of American television but have famously influenced Western culture and beyond, in Enter The View we see the artist being interviewed in this distinctive manner. However such format, that of the interview, takes a bizarre turn, putting both the interviewer (an actor and comedian hired by Natour) and the interviewee (Natour himself) in uncomfortable situations. Referring to both Gaspar Noé’s experimental drama art film Enter the Void (2009) and The Eric Andre Show, an American surreal comedy television series which began airing in 2012, the video is the latest window into Natour’s unique, humorous and bizarre ‘universe’.